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What is RNTL?

RNTL is a fashion rental service that allows our users access to their ultimate dream closet. Clothes from designers you’ve seen but never thought you could actually wear are delivered directly to your door for a fraction of the price.

Our Mission

Accessibility, Affordability, Sustainability. 

We want to slow climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from one of the top producers in the world: the fashion industry.

RNTL is creating a circular economy in the fashion industry by providing a platform for brands, boutiques, and fashion enthusiasts to minimize waste and maximize their clothing’s shelf life. Keeping up with today’s rapid trend cycles is nearly impossible for the average gen-z fashion lover to afford. RNTL makes it easier for the consumer by allowing them to rent their dream pieces at a fraction of the price, alleviating the financial burden of paying for expensive pieces that will go “out” in a matter of months.

Why is it important?

The fashion/textile industry accounts for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the largest contributors to climate change - and it’s only growing. With the rapid growth of fast fashion, consumerism is at its highest point. Brands that fall under the fast fashion category offer cheap prices due to their unethical labor standards and mass production.

While their inexpensive prices lure in those trying to keep up with the very rapid trend cycles, their ethics are compromised. Gen-Z more than any generation before has consumer consciousness that is exposing the malpractice of fast fashion production. Giving this generation the opportunity to still keep up with fashion trends while supporting an ethical/green business is THE catalyst to changing retail over to rental.

How does it work?

View our selection, reserve your items, await your shipment!

RNTL has access to all your favorite designer pieces, carefully handpicked by our fashion curation team. Simply search our website and view our selection or see our Instagram. Once you’ve found a piece, check our reservation calendar to see available dates, reserve your time, and check out! We’ll immediately send your items. After the rental period (5 days by default) simply return or ship back your item to us using your prepaid shipping label. We handle the cleaning!

Do you ship outside of NYC?

No. Follow our stories as we’ll be shipping outside of NYC soon!

Do you do refunds?

No, we do not. Please make sure to review all sizing and measurements listed as well as looking at the original brand’s website. Feel free to reach out to us directly @shoprntl or and we’ll be happy to help!

It doesn’t fit, can I return or exchange it?

While we don’t do returns, we are more than happy to try and coordinate an exchange as long as it’s same-day and we have something in stock that is available and at a similar price point. We cannot do exchanges the next day. Don’t worry though, we’ll work with you to make it right!

Uh oh, I spilled or damaged something, now what?

No worries, accidents happen. We handle all cleaning to avoid further damage to an item. You are protected against normal wear and tear and standard soiling. If it’s something bigger, just contact us directly and we’ll work with you to make it right. 

What is the rental period or duration?

4 days. Each rental price listed is for a 4-day rental period.

Example: If you receive a RNTL piece on a Tuesday (Day 1), the item needs to be returned and postmarked/shipped to RNTL no later than the 5th day, or on Sunday (Day 5). If you'd like to request an item for longer than our 5-day rental period, simply ask and we can put together a custom quote based on your rental duration. We do not do rental periods that start on a Saturday or Sunday at this time (simply order 1-day prior on Friday for the weekend).

Can I rent for longer than 5 days?

Yes. If an item is available for your desired dates simply reserve through our website for a longer rental for up to 16 days. If you need more time than that, simply reach out to us on our website or through our DMs on Instagram and we’ll provide a custom quote.

INTERNAL:5 Days (Normal Rental Period): Full price
6 - 10 Days: 10% off 2x the initial price
11-16 Days: 15% off 3x the initial price